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How to Hair Style - Get Shiny Hair


The fastest way to get temporary shiny hair is to apply a shine serum to hair after you have finished styling. There are many different brands of shine serum available- some very affordable. The secret to applying shine serum is to pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and then rub your hands together to coat them. Then apply the serum using your hands to your hair, carefully avoiding the root area. This application only requires a very small part of product.


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Shine serum is a temporary solution to shine. A more permanent solution is to moisturize, condition and take good care of your hair for a natural healthy shine. Daily conditioning combined with a weekly or monthly deep conditioning treatment will take your hair a long way to achieve that shiny look.


Another key ingredient to shine lies in using quality hair appliances. Ionic hair dryers are great for pulling out the shine in the hair as well as drying hair as fast as possible. The less time the hair dryer is used, the less damage your hair can get from the high heat.


Heat protecting products are also great for keeping hair in great condition. High heat temperatures from appliances can be very damaging and create a dull appearance to the hair.


Summary of Tips for Shiny Hair

*Use a shine serum after styling


*Use daily, weekly and/or conditioning treatments


*Use quality hair appliances, and limit the amount of time they are used.