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Short Hairstyles Column - See the top short hairstyles today


Top 6 Short Hairstyles

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Although the phrase 'short hair styles' is one of the more popular hair styles searches on the Internet today, finding women who wear their hair short can be a challenge.  Cutting your hair short requires a certain confidence in who you are and also a very great sense of style.




Here are a few pros and cons to getting short hairstyles.


CONS for short hair:

1. If you have a bad hair day and your hair is very short, it will be even more noticeable

2.  If you don't like your hair when you get it cut short, it will take a very long time to grow it out.

3.  You will need frequent trims to keep it in shape, especially if you have any type of layering.

4.  If you are very tall you might appear even taller with a short hair style.

5.  There are not very many styling options.


PROS for short hair:

1. Takes just a few minutes to shampoo/condition and style.

2.  You will be a trendsetter.

3.  Spend less time deciding how to wear your hair.

4.  Spend less money/time coloring and/or highlighting your hair.

5.  Spice up your look with different types of earrings/jewelry and makeup techniques.


Mandy Moore Short Layered hair style with choppy bangsBelow our Short Hair Styles Feature is continued with the Top 6 Best Short Hairstyles.



1.  Mandy Moore has been a hair style trendsetter for many years now.  Vacillating between a long, wavy hair cut to a short blunt look, Mandy always manages to look stylish. 




This short cut features a lot of layering throughout- very heavy layers in the crown area. The bangs are cut choppy and are styled to be swept off to the side. This type of style can also be styled to appear piecy by applying small amounts of pomade or wax to the ends of the hair.




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