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How to Hair Styles Guide - Get the perfect Blow Out


With the right techniques, you can completely skip all other hair appliances like the flat iron and curling iron. The hair dryer can be used to dry, shape and style your hair.


The perfect blow out, how to hair styles guide










The first secret is to have a quality hair dryer. Not all hair dryers are created the same. The inexpensive one you bought at the drugstore is not necessary the best dryer. A good dryer will dry your hair fast and with minimal damage.


The secret to the perfect blow out is to first apply a good styling lotion to damp hair. Next start drying your hair. When the hair is 90% dry you can start trying to style it. Use a large round brush to direct all layers down and under or hold the brush in a vertical position with small sections of hair to create soft waves throughout. Some hair dryers have brush or comb attachments that might be useful. It all depends on what you are comfortable working with. A professional hair stylist will have many more skills with hair drying than you will, so don't fret if your blow out doesn't quite look like it does when you come from the salon. It simply takes a lot of practice to master hair dryer techniques.


For an extra perfect blow out, try clipping most of the hair up into a hair clip and working the round brush through small sections of hair. Gradually let down more hair that is in the clip, drying each strand as it is wrapped around the large round brush. Gradually finish drying the hair.


After the hair is dry, apply a pomade or wax to seal in the look, create shine and cut down on the frizzies. See 10 rules of blow drying below from our guest author


Summary of Tips for a Perfect Blow Out

*Apply a styling lotion to damp hair


*Blow dry with nozzle pointed down the hair shaft


*Use a large round brush and work through small sections of hair while blasting them with the dryer


*Use a quality, ionic professional hair dryer for fast drying and less damage


Ten Commandments of Blow Drying
By Catherine Alibanban

The following are the necessary tools that are needed in blow drying: a moisturizing shampoo, towel, hair moisturizing cream, brush, and of course, the star of the show, blow dryer.


Blow drying your hair may be nothing but a regular task for you. If you think it's that easy, well then, think again. You might want to know that there are numerous secrets to this. Are you itching to discover them? Listed below are the Ten Commandments every girl should dutifully obey to keep the faith in super sleek tresses.


1. Thou shall not use regular shampoo

When you wash your hair, be sure to use moisturizing shampoo. This serves as your hair's protection from the harsh damage that blow drying can do.

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2. Thou shall not rub thy hair with a towel

This is a very common slip-up with most women. When they are drying their locks off, especially when in a hurry, they tend to vigorously rub their hair with their towels. The wrong notion could be that if the rubbing is fast and hard, it will dry the dripping hair easily. On the contrary, when you rub your hair with a towel, it produces friction which results to frizzy hair. The proper way to do it is to just cover all the hair with a dry towel, twist the towel, and turn it over your head. Leave it for some minutes until it's ready for blowing.


3. Thou shall not pass using blow drying products

Before exposing your hair to another torment, please have mercy. You might want to apply products that can save your hair from much more damage that it normally gets from the heat. See, a good product that can help protect your hair can really be of great aid. Mousse or gel mousse is best for fine and thin hair. For medium texture, your strands can be tamed with lighter products such as mousse or gel mousse, regular gels or creams. Now, if you have thick hair, you need heavier products. You can try gel, wax, creams or a stronger mousse.


4. Thou shall not forget to part thy hair into sections

One technique in achieving a well-blown hair is to make several tiny partitions in your hair. For those with long hair, it is advised that you make many small sections of your hair that are 2-4 inches thick. Then clip away the rest of the hair. For short hair, you can divide your hair into two to four sections. Doing these division will help you be more focused on each portion making the hair easier to manage. This technique also allows you to deal better with your blow dryer and brush because not so much hair is in the way.


5. Thou shall not keep the blow dryer close to the scalp

Keep a safe distance of around six inches away from the hair. Do not blow dry near your scalp. This dries out your scalp hence, it will not be able to provide enough moisture for your hair. Another clever reason for this is to keep any of your strands from burning.


6. Thou shall not keep it blowing in one direction

If you want to have a super straight look, position your blow dryer such that the air is blowing downwards. Slide the dryer from the strands in the roots until the end of your hair. Do not direct it in one spot for too long. Always remember that the longer you expose your hair to heat, the more damage you are more likely to do with it.




7. Thou shall not over-dry thy hair

Leave your hair a little damp. Do not dry it completely. It should be just enough for you not to have dripping hair. Anyway, your hair will eventually dry off in just a few minutes. This will help leave some moisture in your hair.


8. Thou shall not fail forget to finish off with cool air

What happens when you blow dry your hair is that it opens the hair cuticles, this helps in forming the style that you desire. Blowing cold air in each section that you are tackling will keep the straight look or new texture of the hair locked in.


9. Thou shall not forget the key

The key to a perfect blowing is to master the art of coordinating your brush and blow dryer. What best way to do it is no other than-practicing! Ever wonder why hair stylists are so good in doing this thing? The answer is simple. It's because they do this everyday to a relatively good number of people.


10. Thou shall not use the wrong brush

It would be very favorable for you if you know that some brushes are actually helpful in creating specific styles. For example, you are blow drying to have that straight look, you need a paddle brush. Experts recommend that you use a paddle brush with boar's bristles because they can cover a bigger section of the hair all at the same time. In turn, your hair is spared from longer blow drying time.


If you will keep your faith and just obey these rules, you are absolutely on your way to a perfectly-styled, healthy, and manageable hair. Don't forget to spread the word.


Catherine Alibanban is currently a writer for Blow Dryer, a website showing a wide collection of blow dryers and its prices, along with its detailed reviews. She is also a committed advocate of women empowerment in the society.

Article Source: Ten Commandments of Blow Drying