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Regular hair trims help shape hair stylesHow to Hair Style - Maintain your hairstyle


One of the keys to having a great looking hairstyle lies in maintaining your hair with regular trims, conditioning and gentle treatment. Depending on your haircut, you may need hair trims every 6-8 weeks. Generally, a shorter style will require frequent trims as the layers grow out quickly and need trimming to keep the shape.


Using the right shampoo and conditioner on your hair also has a lot to do with its appearance. Most hair stylists recommend using a product that addresses your biggest problem or condition. For example if you have dry hair that you regularly color, the color process wins out because it can be the actual cause of the dry hair. Therefore you should use a shampoo/conditioner that addressses hair that is colored.


There are a multitude of shampoos and conditioners available at the drugstore and in the salon. It can sometimes help to switch products once in a while. For some reason the hair gets used to a particular formula and stops responding. Also important is to use a clarifying shampoo several times a month to rid to the hair of any product buildiup which can dull the hair.


Also, the less you use hot hair appliances, harsh chemical processes, the better condition your hair will be in overall. If you can skip a day or two of using the flat iron, for example, it will help your hair to remain healthy.


Summary of Maintenance Tips for Hair Styles

*Get frequent trims every 6-8 weeks, remove dead ends, re-shape your style


*Use appropriate hair products for your biggest hair problem


*Limit the use of hot hair appliances