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How to Hair Style - Face Shape


Heart shaped faceOval face shapesFace shape is an important part of any great looking hair style. The reason that a particular hair style looks good is because it flatters a face shape. It accentuates the good parts and camouflages or downplays the bad parts. Just like there are clothes that make you look better, there are haircuts that make you look better or worse.




The first step to getting the most flattering hair style is to first detemine your face shape. To do this, pull back all of your hair off your forehead and stand in front of a mirror. Use a washable marker, or other washable product like a bar of soap and outline the shape of your face on the mirror. Then stand back and look at the shape you have drawn. What shape does it most closely resemble?


After you know your face shape, you can start looking for styles that are most flattering for your face shape.


See some examples of face shapes hairstyles


Most common Face Shapes and Hairstyles


OVAL Face Shape


This shape resembles the shape of an egg- oval that is. Women with this hairstyle can wear just about any type of hairstyle- short, medium, long, with or without bangs, etc. Since the face shape is evenly proportioned, there is no balancing out or features to hide or camouflage.


Jessica Alba has an oval face shape and looks good with any type of hair style


SQUARE Face Shapes


Demi Moore Square Face ShapeThis shape resembles a square with wide jaw and forehead areas. Any hair style that lessens the appearance of width to balance out the shape is a good look.


Demi Moore has a square face shape


HEART Face Shapes


This shape resembles a heart with width and height in the forehead combined with a narrow jaw line. Styles that lessen the height/width of the forehead area and make the jaw line appear wider are the best styles for this shape.


Nicole Kidman Updos, ponytails


ROUND Face Shapes


The round shaped feature needs a style that makes it appear less round. Generally speaking, those with a round face shape should not go any shorter in length than the shoulders. Hair cut above the shoulders will only naturally make the face appear rounder- which is not a good result.


Drew Barrymore round face shape