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How to Hair Style - Get Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are all the rage right now as women go for this instant get a long hair style fix. There are many different types of hair extensions- some permanent and some temporary. Permanent extensions are attached to the hair by one of several different methods for a permanent look - usually lasting several weeks up to a month or two depending on the type and method of attachment. Permanent hair extensions need to be attached, removed and adjusted by a professional hair stylist who is trained and sometimes certified with hair extensions. The permanent extensions can be expensive, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars- again depending on the type of hair used, method to attach.


Another big consideration for hair extensions is the maintenance involved. Permanent hair extensions will require frequent visits to the salon to re-adjust the extensions closer to the root area. As the hair grows out with the extensions attached, the hair hair between the root and the extension can become tangled and result in matteing and hair damage/breakage. If you don't regularly go to the salon to address this issue, you could end up with permanent hair damage.


Summary of Hair Extensions Guide


*Decide how much money you want to spend. Few hundred - go with clip-ins, temporary extensions. Few thousand- go with permanent extensions


*Get info on hair extensions before getting them


*Develop a maintenance paln




Less permanent extensions are more temporary and can be clipped in for a fast and easy way to a long hair style. Temporary extensions are also much cheaper than permanent ones and generally don't cause as much damage to the natural hair. A very cool trend now is feather extensions. There are very colorful feathers attached to a small clip that can be attached to the hair very quickly and for very little cost.


Clip-in hair bangs are also a great choice for a change-up to your look. Many women are very cautious of cutting hair bangs since it takes several months to the grow out the hair if or when you don't like the look of bangs anymore. Clip-in hair bangs are available at several online retailers and even in hair supply stores and malls. Shop around for the best deal on these trendy clip-ins.


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