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The medium hairstyle is one of the most flexible lengths out there. The hair is still long enough that it can be pulled back into a ponytail- or at least most of the hair can--and yet the hair is short enough to make styling much more manageable than longer hair.


Layers and hair bangs are a great way to soften up the medium haircut so that it does not have severe lines or bulkiness. Nicole Richie, see photo above left, has added long side swept bangs to her medium bob hairstyle for a very flattering look. The bangs are swept off to the side from a deep side part to help balance out her face shape and draw attention to the eye area.



Winona Ryder medium length hairstylesCheck out all the different medium looks that celebrities are wearing today in our large medium hairstyles gallery.





Christina Applegate medium hairstylesWhen it 2011 hairstyles, the mid length is the most popular one simply because of the versatiliy. The hair is long enough to still be worn in a ponytail or partial updo, yet it is shorter than time-consuming long hair to style.

The cute short bob haircut style, see photo right, worn by Christina Applegate is a verging on a short hairstyle as the length comes in just past the chin. The hair has been cut in a bob-style with textured ends and very long layering that helps the ends to stay in place. Long side fringe are added in front and the style is flat ironed all over for the stick straight look. This style can also be worn curly all over for a very glamorous look.


The choppy layers shown by Winona Ryder, see photo above, can require a bit of extra maintenance, especially if you have frizzy or unmanageable hair. Generally, the shorter the layers, the more unmanageable frizzy hair becomes.


If you are prone to the frizzies, most stylists do not recommend getting this type of haircut as it has the tendency to ffrizz up quickly.




Mid length hairstyles 2011Natalie Portman is wearing one of the top 2011 mid length hairstyles, see photo left. The hair has soft curls throughout combined with some soft side swept fringe bangs sweeping from a deep side part. This is a very sexy look suitable for any formal occasion.



Hairstyles, Celebrity Hair Styles and Haircuts | Try our new Virtual HairStyler!A great way to check out medium hair styles is to try them on. There is an online hair imaging site that allows you to upload a photo of yourself and try on various types of haircut styles. Click on banner to get the details. It is a perfect way to get the perfect hair style- without even going near a pair of scissors. You can also try on different hair colors for a total change.






The mid length hairstyle bob

The bob hairstyle is a great mid length look that can be glamoured up, see Drew Barrymore left, by adding full curls/bounce and adding in height in the layers and crown area by gently back combing sections of hair. This type of style is easy to create on your own and will definitely get everyone's attention, no matter where you go.


















Layered Medium Length Hairstyles

The long layered mid-length hair style, see photo right, features a deep side part, long side swept bangs and all over texturizing for a very modern, edgy look. The hair has been flat-ironed from the roots to the ends for a super-smooth finish. Get this super shiny finish by applying a small amount of shine serum to the hair after styling. Shine serum contains the ingredient silicone which helps to smooth the hair cuticle and allow the hair to shine.