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Hairdos Gallery for the Holidays


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Short Hairdos 10


The short hairdo is probably the easiest of all the lengths to style. In just a matter of a few minutes you can have a great looking hairdo suitable for any occasion. However, keep in mind that the styling options can be limited because of the length of the hair. This style, see below is a simple short bob with a full bang. It styles in minutes and smooths out with a quick run from a flat iron.





Short hairdos, Ginnifer GoodwinGinnifer, see photo left, is wearing a short pixie hairdo with all the hair slicked back from a deep side part. The slicked back hair creates the appearance of an updo, when in fact ther is no updo.


Create this style by applying a strong hold mouuse or gel, in the wet look category, to the hair. The product will also help to create the shiny look, like Ginnifer's.