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Hairdos Gallery for the Holidays


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Hairdos for long hairHairdos for Long Hair 9


Long layers are a great option for the long hairdo. Consider Ashley Greene's style with layers cut in throughout angling in toward the chin area for a very face flattering look.


This type of haircut will require thinning if the hair is super thick or coarse. Without thinning, the long layers will tend to bulk up and make the hair appear very wide. Also, if you hair is prone to frizziness, it is recommended that you apply a anti-frizz product such as shine serum or straightening balm to keep it under control. Frizzy hair doesn't look well with the long layered hairdo.



Hairdos for long hair, bangsAdd extra shine to the hair after flat ironing by spritzing the hair with shine serum, being careful to only apply a small amount.


The deep side part allows the hair to gently sweep across the crown area, slightly covering a portion of one eye. Long layers cut througout are positioned just right so that the bulkiness of the style is reduced and the angles area appropriate to glide into the chin area.


Camilla Belle is also wearing a long layered hairdo featuring long layers cut in through the ends of the hair. Her style also features long side swept bangs from a deep side part. The style is very flattering and relatively easy to style and maintain.


Also see Carrie Underwood, right, for another example of the long layers angling in toward the chin area.