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Hairdos Gallery for the Holidays


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Wedding Hairdos 5


Wedding hairdos, Jessica AlbaFinding the right hairdo for your wedding can be a task. Should you go with an updo, partial updo, long and curly, maybe get hair extensions. The choices are many.


Consider a romantic updo, see photo right, featuring Jessica Alba. This style features all of the hair in the crown area being pulled back into a sleek updo. Height in the crown area can be achieved by gently back combing small sections of hair and smoothing over the top with your fingers. Use of a strong hold hair spray is recommended to keep the hair and any loose strands in place.


Updos Hairdos for weddingAlso, consider this ponytail updo, see photo left. It is the same type of style as Jessica's above, yet the hair is not all pinned into a chignon, rather it is left out in a ponytail.


For extra smooth locks, run a flat iron of the hair from roots to the ends before pulling back into the updo.