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Hairdos Gallery for the Holidays


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Celebrity Hairdos 11


And finally, we have the celebrity hairdo for the holidays. Rihanna shows us how to do it with this simple, yet fancy looking partial updo hairdo style.


Celebrity Hairdos, sideswept bangs


Super soft all over curls combined with a deep side part, wispy sideswept bangs from a deep side part and partial updo make this a celebrity style worth copying for yourself. Add in highlights and lowlights all over for a more dimensional look like Rihannas.


Hair in the crown area is pulled back smoothly into a high ponytail. The rest of the hair has curls added throughout using a medium to large curling iron. If you are experienced enough, it might be easier to create these waves using a flat iron. Using the flat iron to create waves requires special skills and pulling techniques - but once you learn them- the flat iron can create curls much faster than any curling iron and result in a super smooth finish.


Create height in the crown area for a more elaborate looking hairdo. Leave out curly strands around the face for a very flattering sexy finish.