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Paris Hilton Stacked short bob haircut styles

Paris Hilton has taken the inverted short bob haircut and turned into a very appealing short stacked bob style. The style features a deep side part with long side swept bangs and stacked layers in the back and on the sides.


This style makes her shiny hair look very healthy and attractive.


Paris has grown her short haircut, see above, out to a medium length, see photo left.


The hair is still parted deep on one side with long, soft sideswept bangs sweeping across her forehead for a framing effect.




Paris Hilton stunned the crowd with this classic jaw length bob style. Layers were cut through her top section to create height and body at the crown, while jagged bangs were cut to frame her face. This style will be easy to maintain with regular trims and is perfect for those with round face shapes.


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