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Gallery 1 Celebrity Short Hair - Short Pixie, Bobs


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Brittany Murphy short hairstyles


There are many different variations of the short haircuts. Pictured left is an example of choppy bangs and layers. The bangs and top layers are very choppy and are styled under. Several highlights have been added throughout to accentuate and add dimension to the style.


Kirsten Dunst short bob hairstylesKirsten Dunst is another great example of the short hair bob hairstyle. She has a short bob hairstyle ending at chin length. The style features a deep side part and heavy layering towards the end of the hair to create the full effect.


This type of bob hairstyle will require frequent trims to keep all of those layers in shape. If you don't get a trim regularly, the layers start to become heavy and you may have trouble styling the hair.


Paris Hilton is wearing a variation of short haircuts with a bob featuring angles shorter in the back and longer layers in the front. This style is very stylish and elegant for any formal occasion. And it is an easy style to grow out when you become tired of the short length.




Paris Hilton short bob hairstylesHer style also features a deep side part with heavy layering towards the ends. Extra height in the crown area can be achieved by gently back-combing small sections of hair.



This type of short hair bob will work for just about any type of hair. If you have extra thick hair, your stylist may need to thin it out a bit to get the layers to work properly.  Make this style stand out even more by adding several highlights or lowlights throughout the head. Finish up by properly accessorizing. It is a great hairstyle for any occasion- will work for formal and informal.