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Popular Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Halle Berry Short Hair Styles


Halle invented this short hair style. Longer layering on top, combined with short layering on the sides and bottom make it the all-time winning short hair style this century. Wearing a short hair style requires extreme confidence. 


Halle BerryHave you noticed how not very many celebrity women wear their hair short. Halle exudes confidence. Achieve this style on your own. Wash it, apply mousse and allow it to air dry. Scrunch and position hair. Can it be any easier?






Halle Berry short hairstyles with layers

Halle Berry is wearing the same hairstyle as above, except that some of the layers are longer. To create this piecey look, apply a small amount of wax or pomade to your fingertips and then apply to your hair. Be careful not to use too much pomade since this will make your hair look greasy. The piecey look looks great for glamour occasions such as red carpet events like the Oscars.







Halle can pull off any style due to her small facial features. Her sides and back have been razored short, almost shaved, and her top has been left with a little length and thinned and chipped into to create a piecey effect.



Halle Berry Pixie Hairstyles







Short Hair Cuts

Pictured right and below, is a very short pixie hairstyle. The crown area has some layers that are slightly longer and the ends taper to just below ear level. This is a very bold hairstyle.

Halle Berry Short HairstylesThis is a slightly different version of the above style with a dark brown hair color.


Get the piecey look by applying small amounts of pomade to the ends of the hair. Pomade or wax is a very strong hold hair care product and will keep your hair exactly in the position that you want. Just be careful that you do not apply too much of the product as this will make your hair appear greasy.








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