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Gallery 2 Celebrity Short Hair Styles


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Catherine Bell short hairstyles, curly



Catherine Bell is wearing a short hair style that features lots of long layers and side swept bangs. The hair is left curly over with a tousled look to it.


Cute short hair styles are versatile and can also be styled straight and smooth by flat ironing the hair from roots to the ends. The hair will be slightly longer when flat ironed. Also see our short hair gallery links below left.


Christina Ricci Short bob hairstyles, bangs 

Christina Ricci is wearing one of the more popular short hair styles -- the bob that ends just below her chin. Her face is framed by regular bangs that are rounded across the forehead.


Add shine to the hair by spraying a shine serum after you are finished styling.


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Ellen Barkin's Hairstyles  

Ellen Barkin is wearing a similar short bob hair style, except her bangs are side swept across the forehead for a soft, feminine look.


The hair in the crown area has some height to it. Create height by gently backcombing small sections of hair and smoothing over the top with your fingers.


Felicity Huffman's Hairstyles  



Felicity Huffman is wearing a short tapered, layered bob hairstyle. She has several wispy strands of bangs that softly drape her forehead. Cute short hair styles are growing in numbers as stylists invent new and creative ways to layer the hair.