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Katy Perry Hairstyles


Katy Perry Hairstyles, Medium Length


This medium length hairstyle is smooth and stylish. Katy has long side swept bangs from a deep side part. The ends are blunt cut and thehair has been flat ironed stick straight and smooth.


This is a very trendy style that works for any occasion, formal or informal.








Katy Perry stunned onlookers with her classic hairstyle at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala. Her medium length 'do was dressed in large waves to create a movement and body through the edges. This style is easy to re-create with rollers and needs strong lacquer for hold.Hairstyles, Celebrity Hair Styles and Haircuts | TheHairStyler.com. Try our new Virtual HairStyler! 


Katy Perry Bob Hairstyles, Bangs


Katy is wearing a medium length bob hairstyle that features a full bang ending at her eyebrows. The ends of the hair are blunt cut and curled slightly under. This would be considered a classic bob hairstyle.


Below see Katy Perry's style with her bangs curled under and the rest of her longer hair spiral curled. This style really opens up her face and draws attention immediatel;y to her eyes