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Cameron Diaz Medium Wavy hairstylesCameron Diaz Hairstyles



Cameron Diaz has worn many different types of hair styles.  Recently she has changed her hair color to brown, see bottom of page.  Her face shape lends itself to many different types of hair styles.  pictured below is a tousled updo that features long wavy hair and long side swept fringe in front.



The style, see photo left, could be descibed as medium short hair styles. It is right between a short and medium length. Capture this look by applying a curl enhancing cream or gel to damp hair.  Blow dry your hair using a diffuser attachment and use just your fingers to shape and position the hair.


If you hair is especially frizzy you may needCameron Diaz updo hairstyles to run a curling iron through it to create the soft waves and tame the frizz.  Apply a frizz control product that contains serum to keep your strands tamed.


Cameron DiazTo try this simple hair style, you will first need to straighten you hair with a flat iron or by blow drying it straight using a round brush.

Be sure to put styling products designed to protect your hair from heat before applying any type of heat appliance!

Next, part your hair on the far left or right side, leaving out wispy strands or bangs. Then back comb areas in the crown to create the volume look. Then gather hair in crown area into a low ponytail, securing with a  ponytail holder. Pin back any loose strands on the sides.



Cameron Diaz Photo 

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Cameron was recently seen with an updo hair style in a dark brown color. To create the messy updo hair style, just pull hair back loosely and twist into a low chignon.  Pin hair into place.

Pull out a few strands around the face and back for the wispy, sexy look.


Add hoop earrings and you are done.

Cameron Diaz medium length smooth hairstyles


The medium length hairstyle, see photo right, features a deep side part and gently side swept bangs. The hairstyle has long layers with the ends styled slightly flipped out. This is a different style of the same haircut featured in the very top photo on this page.