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Faith Hill long wavy hair stylesFaith Hill Hairstyles


Faith Hill is wearing a medium length hair style that is very full. To create this style on your own, blow-dry your hair straight with a large round brush. Be sure to lift the crown and long layers to give them a little bend.



Then, add loose waves and curls all over using a 2-in. curling iron, keeping the crown area smooth. Back-comb the crown area and create a side part that is slightly angled.





Leave out some fringe pieces and side-swept bangs.  Use a finishing hair spray to keep it all in place.


See this same hair style, right, with longer layers on the bottom



Faith Hill has many different hair styles, all which look great.  Last week we featured a partial updo hair style with long hair. 


The hair style shown below is a medium length bob with a reddish blonde hair color.  This style is becoming very popular today. 


It can be worn full and curly, as shown, or you can flat iron all the layers and wear it straight.  It is quite versatile.

Faith Hill medium length hairstyles



Faith Hill is wearing her medium hairstyle loose and wavy. Her bangs are softly swept off to the side, with most of them being styled right in with the longer layers.


The ends are left up or down and the crown area is kept with some height.




Faith Hill medium hairstylesFaith is wearing a fuller curl here in this hairstyle, see photo right. This style can be achieved using hot roller.


Add height in the crown area by gently back combing small sections of hair. You can also create a partial updo by pulling back small sections of hair in the crown area and securing in the back with a decorative barrette or clip.