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Eyelash Extensions Part 4 Continued


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Copyright 2006 Xtreme Lashes™ 12.  Is the consumer offered any type of guarantee?  Does the consumer need to sign a contract?


Daoudi:  Guarantees and individual contracts are left to the discretion of the professional who is applying the Xtreme Lashes™.  We do not mandate our clients have consumers sign a contract or client consultation form; however, we strongly advise that they use these forms. 


It ensures clients know about the care and maintenance of their new Xtreme Lashes™ and advised as to realistic expectations.  For example, during a pre-lash consultation with a client who has lost lashes due to chemotherapy, the client should be made aware that eyelash extensions can only be applied to existing lashes, not to the skin.  Therefore, they will not have more lashes, just longer and thicker lashes.   


13.  What is the demand for eyelash extensions today?  Who is getting them and why?  Are most of the clients women, men, teens, etc.? 


Daoudi: Demand for eyelash extensions is on the rise.  Most clients will be women ages 25+. The reasons are varied.  Some get them for the obvious reason of having existing short natural lashes and wanting to the lengthen them.  Others want their lashes to look fuller and lusher. 


A number of women with blonde to light brown lashes get Xtreme Lashes™ to darken their existing lashes in addition to the above reasons.  Still others love the different, fun looks they can get by having highlight colors interspersed throughout their eyelashes. 

Above all the main advantage of Xtreme Lashes™ Eyelash Extensions compared to other methods that may exist to achieve some of the looks mentioned, is that they are semi-permanent.  Once applied and properly maintained they last up to 2 months so recipients can have the look they desire day in and day out, at home or away, from the moment they wake up.   


14.  Does synthetic hair hurt (more or less than human eyelashes) when it gets in your eye?


Daoudi: Synthetic hair essentially feels the same as a natural lash when it gets in the eye.  There is very little difference in weight, texture and thickness. 


15.  Is your method patented?


Daoudi: Our training and techniques are unique to our company.  We have copyrighted all of our training presentations, workbooks, documentation and other materials.  Students who take our course sign a confidentiality agreement and cannot train others or share the knowledge and techniques we give them.  The majority of our extensive product line has been developed by us and is unique to our company as well.


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