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Eyelash Extensions Training 2


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Answer to Question No. 3 Continued: 

3.  What is involved in the training and certification program you offer?

Daoudi: Successful completion of our Training and Certification Workshop or private tutoring is the first step to becoming a Certified Xtreme Lashes™ Professional.


Professionals must submit ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos to apply for an Xtreme Lashes Certificate of Completion. Upon approval, they are sent a Certificate and become eligible to apply for the following additional benefits available only to Certified Xtreme Lashes™



Free Introductory Listing on the Find a Professional page

Customizable business cards

Special discounts

Phone and Email Referrals 



4.  Is a cosmetology license required to do eyelash extensions?

Daoudi: Currently, eyelash extensions are not regulated by the government.  It is not a federal or state requirement to be licensed in any instance that we know of.  However, in an effort to maintain the integrity and professionalism of the Eyelash Extension industry, we have chosen to sell our services and products only to licensed or certified professionals in the health & beauty industries.   We feel it is the best way to ensure safe and effective application.  Typical professionals from these industries include cosmetologists, estheticians, doctors and nurses.  


5.  Why should a professional choose your company to train and supply eyelash extensions services?

Daoudi:  See Document 


This concludes our interview on Training For Eyelash Extensions with Noor Daoudi, Training Director Xtreme Lashes™


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