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Adding a headband to your long hair style can be very stylish.  Mix and match your headband to your outfits.


Hayden Panatierre Hair Styles

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Hayden Panattiere partial updo hairstyles











Hayden looks spectacular with long, wavy hair style pulled back into a low ponytail.  To create this style on your own, add a styling cream throughout the hair and blow dry using a large round brush.

Add all over waves using a medium barrel curling iron, hot rollers or velcro rollers.

Add extra height to the long layers at ear level by back combing sections and hair.  Leave a small section of long bangs out of the head band to complete the look.

See Hayden's new bob hairstyle below.






This type of hair style works well with women that have a high forehead. 

The side-swept bangs help to camouflage the forehead and draw attention to the eyes.

This style would work for a formal occasion, such as the prom.





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