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Heather Locklear layered hairstyles

Full and Long Hair Styles


Long, full hairstylesIf you want to wear your hair long, you have so many different options today. 

There is the long and straight, the long and wavy, the long and very curly, and the long and high volume, the long and wavy...the options are endless.


Both of the styles featured here show the high volume look.


You can create lots of volume by having many different layers of different lengths added to your hair style.


Another option is to apply a volumizing product and create the volume using styling techniques.  Either way, the high volume look is very trendy and it looks absolutely stunning.  Wear your hair like this for any occasion, from casual to formal for a great glamorous look.


This concludes our Hair Styles Collection . Be sure to view our November Collection and come back in January for the first Hair Styles collection.  Thanks for viewing!