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From Short To Long, These Styles Rock

The short hair style to the left features long layers with the ends just past the ears, above the neck.  This style features long layers that are curled under.  The bangs are very long and swept to the side.


You can't help but look stylish with this fantastic look.










Mariah Carey once again let her locks out in this photo, see left. Her trademark luscious length looked different this time around thanks to her new golden copper color. This hairstyle has little layering through the ends to lighten the edges, and it's easy to maintain with regular trims.



Mariah Carey HairstylesLong, layered style below also is a great choice.  It features long face-framing layers starting at chin-level and tapering down to the ends of the hair, which end at about halfway down the back.  The part is slightly off center and there is a slight amount of height in the crown area.


Both of these styles are very popular today and require very little styling time.  Of course if you have difficult hair, you might need a little extra time to get the hair in place.



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