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To get the best results with your hair stylist, you should bring in a picture of the hair style that you like.  If you like any of the pictures in our hair styles collection, just right click on the picture and select print. 


Then, just bring in the copy to your stylist at your next hair appointment.  Nothing is better than an actual photo of the hair style that you like.  Bring in several different styles and be prepared to tell your stylist what you like or don't like about the styles.  Communicate exactly what you want. Don't be shy!



Hair Styles shown here, left and below, are medium length hair styles.  The hair style, left, is styled straight and smooth.  This style can also be styled all over curly for variation.



The style below features many different layers.  This type of style will require extra styling time to ensure that all the layers are in the right place.


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Hilary Swank Medium layered hairstyle


Notice that this style features verylong, side swept bangs that are layered and texturized.  The part is on the right hand side and it is very indiscriminate.


Ends of this style are cut blunt.  Styling gel or cream will be very helpful to re-create this hair style.


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