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Hair Collections - January Hairstyles

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Keira Knightley Long Layered Straight HairstylesThe long, layered smooth hairstyle is very popular this month. Check out some of the great styles below and copy them for yourself. The secret to silky smooth hair is to have the right hair products.



Products that contain silicone will help to seal the cuticle and allow the hair to shine and remain straight. Straightening creams, gels sprays are also helpful. And of course the ultimate secret is to flat iron the hair from the roots to the ends. Make sure you use a heat protecting spray before you use any hot appliances. The extreme heat can damage your hair. What good is smooth hair if it is damaged.


Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle, see photo right, will never be out of style. When a style looks good on you and your hair is in good shape, then it is in style. It is always best to select a hairstyle that works for your face and hair type, rather than have the popular hairstyle of the moment that doesn't work for you.


 Megan is wearing a smooth long layered style that is extremely shiny. Apply a small amount of shine serum to achieve this extreme glossiness. Ask you hair stylist for the best product to use for your hair.



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