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Sideswept bangsHere are two more examples of bangs, side-swept bangs that is.  The hair style above has a thicker bang and all hair is directed to the side.  Some of the bangs have a little flip at the end.  Notice that these bangs are also very choppy and layered, as well as the rest of the hair style.  This type of hair style will require extra time to style every day because of all the layering.  Always keep that in mind before going with multiple layers, especially choppy ones.


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The bangs shown to the left are a little softer, but still are side-swept from a deep part on the right side of the head.  The bangs are slightly longer than the hair style shown above, showing almost at eye level.  Although this hair style looks very sleek and sophisticated, be aware that you may become very annoyed with hair being in your eyes all the time.

Create height in the bang area 2 different ways.  1. Use a large round brush when blow-drying, or 2. back comb sections of hair and smooth over the top with your fingers.



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