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Bangs are a great way to jazz up your hair style. Check out the examples of bangs on this page. Some of the bangs are about eyebrow length and taper down slightly framing the face. Notice that the ends of the bangs are slightly choppy, even notched. They are not a straight across bangs.


An indiscriminate part are all part of this hair style. The bangs shown below are more straight across. They are eyebrow length and don't taper at the sides. Notice that the hair style below has a far side part and the bangs are directed in the same direction.


Rihanna Long Hairstyles with BangsCreating smooth looking bangs like the ones shown here are very easy today with the use of a flat iron and some silicone spray or serum. You can create a piecey look to the bangs by applying a small amount of pomade or wax to the ends. The bangs are cut deep, well into the crown area. This type of hair style makes you focus directly on the eyes and on the face shape.



Nicole Richie has very long side swept bangs that gently sweep across her forehead, grazing her left eye. The side swept bangs is a very popular style today.



Alesandra Long updo hairstyles with side swept bangs

Alesandra is wearing a partial updo hairstyle that features very long sides swept bangs from a deep side part. This hair length is well past ear length, but is styled to look like bangs.