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Halle Berry Short short hairstylesShort Hair Styles Column 6

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The queen of short hair styles is Halle Berry.  She has been wearing her hair short well before it was a trendy thing to do. 

Halle's short hair style, shown left, features lots of layering in the crown area, with less layers on the sides and bottom.






Natalie Portman short pixie hairstylesNatalie Portman has a very similar short pixie hairstyle, see photo right.


Creating this style on your own is quite simple.  Blow dry the hair using a large round brush.  Direct layers the way that you want them to go.  Apply a styling mousse or volumizing mousse if your hair needs any extra help.




Prom Hair


Ideas for your prom hair style


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This is a very funky short razor cut which is perfect for smaller features as it will emphasize the facial features. Halle's haircut is a great option for wavy to curly hair because the texture from the curls will provide movement through the cut.


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