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Colin Farrell Hairstyles



Colin Farrell medium mens hairstyles


Colin is wearing a medium length hair style that has longer layers on top combined with shorter layers on the sides and back.To shape and hold the top layers, try applying pomade to several sections of hair.  Pomade is great for creating the chunky, piecey look.Add facial hair to this hair style for an all rugged men's look.




 Colin is wearing a very long hairstyle, see photo right, that features hair lengths well below his shoulders. The hair is combed back with no part and is styled super straight. Small amounts of gray hair are peppered in the style for a very natural look.







Colin Farrell Hairstyles




Colin Farrell Long HairstylesColin is wearing a medium length hairstyle, see photo left, with shorter hair on the sides and a clean cut in back. This type of hairstyle will require very little styling. Apply gel or styling cream to the top o fthe hair and use a blow dryer to dry. Position the hair using your fingers.




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